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WHMIS/TDG Online Training + WHMIS/TDG Handbooks Bundle Pack

It has come to our attention that a number of our customers have made purchases of both our TDG and WHMIS training programs. For the convenience of these valued customers we are proud to announce the introduction of the TDG WHMIS Bundle Pack.


This bundle pack includes both the full TDG Online Training Program and WHMIS 2015 Online Training Program. The TDG and WHMIS handbooks will be mailed to you - for use as reference manuals after course completion.

Successful completion will grant students personalized, color wallet certificates for both Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training.

Throughout these programs proficiency will be measured by periodic tests and exams to ensure that students are knowledgable enough to merit a certificate of completion. 

NOTE: The bundle pack contains the complete TDG Online Training Course as well as the complete WHMIS 2015 Online Training course.

WHMIS GHS/TDG Online Training + WHMIS GHS/TDG Handbooks Bundle
$82.80 CAD

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