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Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse... for Managers and Supervisors

Our course on Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse... for Managers and Supervisors discusses various forms of substance abuse that can be found in the workplace, how managers and supervisors can detect substance abuse problems, and what to do (and not do) if they find a worker has a substance abuse problem.

Substance abuse is a worldwide issue. An employee with an alcohol or drug problem can create a hostile working environment, decrease productivity and damage a company's reputation.  The actions of an employee is under the influence can wreck efforts to keep people safe in the workplace.  It includes information about effects of substance abuse in the workplace, laws and regulations related to substance abuse, the role of education and testing for prevention of substance abuse, and recognizing signs of on-the-job substance abuse.


Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse - Managers and Supervisors Online Training
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