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Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Awareness course trains staff to meet requirements for new staff or continued training. This course fully outlines the importance of proper use, selection, and maintenance of PPE. 

If the job at hand requires need for personal protective equipment, an employer must ensure that: 

  • (a) workers wear PPE's that are proper for the hazard and protects the workers, 
  • (b) workers properly wear and use the PPE, 
  • (c) the PPE is in a condition to perform it's function,
  • (d) workers are trained in the correct use, care and assigned maintenance of the PPE. 


Use this course to enhance your onsite training and help you meet the requirements of the legislation.

This course includes animated scenarios, interactive exercises, expert character guideposts, competency quizs, a full glossary and toolbox of regulations,guides codes, downloadable sample documents. Upon completion students will be issued a certificate valid for three (3) years. 


PPE Awareness
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